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"It is so awesome in Anza. When Sis and I came out there from Oklahoma, we fell in love. If our kids and grandkids didn't live on this side of the states I'd be there in a heart beat. People were friendly like here in Oklahoma; wide open spaces so you didn't have to see into your neighbor's house, clean air, and beautiful sunsets." ~ Danni Dickinson

She Listened and Asked Questions

All we knew the day we met Robyn and began looking at properties was that we liked the area. We had no real idea about what kind of property we were looking for. So Robyn asked questions -- everything from what kind of cars we expected we'd drive to how we thought we wanted to use the land. And these questions helped up shape our thoughts on what would be best for us. In addition she took the time to show us several price options in different Anza locales, everything from undeveloped land in the foothills to established properties with the house, well, electrical and septic already in place.

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Laura & Steve Manseau

Over the several hours she spent with us our ideas of what would be best for us became clearer. She listened as we voiced these ideas and then showed us a property that wasn't even on the market yet -- one that she knew the owner was going to be listing in the near future. It was that property that we ended up buying. We now live in a house off the main road that is a stone's throw away from the elementary school where Laura teaches. The perfect location!

She's Knowledgeable and Well-Connected
There isn't too much that goes on in Anza Valley that Robyn doesn't know about , or is not involved in. She was able to connect us with everything from a home inspection company to someone who could sell and install a water storage tank on our land. Because of the fact that we could not move onto the property until nearly a year after we purchased it, it was a real comfort and time-saver to work with someone who could direct us to money-saving and time-saving solutions while we made the transition from the suburbs to the beautiful high country here in Anza. It gave us real peace of mind to know Robyn was helping us through that time.
She Follows Through

Anyone who has purchased or sold a home is aware that there are always little surprises and obstacles to overcome during the process. Thanks to Robyn's commitment and her diligent communication, those obstacles were minimal and always handled to our satisfaction. She always made us feel like we were important to her. We never felt like she didn't appreciate how big a move this was for us, and she knew how important a returned phone call or an update on how things were going could make us feel more assured about the process. In addition, she is not only a great representative for her profession, but -- and this is really important -- she is a great representative for Anza and its lifestyle. Her enthusiasm for this community is contagious and we now have the disease.We are extremely happy we made the move to the land of the redshank and manzanita. We love this place more than words can describe.

Thanks, Robyn!


Thanks so much for everything you've done.  You listened to what we were looking for and were able to put together a list of properties to look at.  We certainly weren't expecting to find a property so quickly, but your help and connections made it happen.  We are still in a little shock but very excited to have the opportunity to purchase land in Anza.  We now have something to dream & plan for our future.

I'm so glad we had the opportunity to chat last year at Equine Affaire...the timing wasn't right for us at that time, and it's probably good that we waited a year, price-wise.

I'll probably see you at Equine Affaire again this year,

Thanks again,

Good Morning Robyn,

Thank you for your services. You’re a great ambassador for the Anza Valley. I mailed off the escrow check this morning and pulled up a nice Riverside GIS aerial shot of the property.

Daniel P. Crawford Jr.
Building Inspector II/Plans Examiner
City of Palm Desert


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